February 2023

Congratulations to the Waupaca Area Regional Ministry on paying 100 percent of our conference apportionments! We celebrate that all three churches paid 2022 apportionment in full together. As far as I know, the Parfreyville church has consistently paid in full every year. The Crystal Lake Church was unable to fully pay during the pandemic but was able to pay in full last year. As you know, First Church has struggled financially over the last several years. Thus, First Church has pursued church renewal, praying with breakthrough prayer, having book discussions, potlucks, and a music concert. Thankfully, overcoming financial difficulties, we were able to get through the year. We praise God that our ministries have thrived through the congregation of the WARM. Apportionments are a major way for local churches to be part of the worldwide ministry that United Methodism has. Believing in the Methodist connection, we work as a team. We can engage in more together than individually-no one church can build a hospital, a university, a seminary, or a children’s home-but through apportionment giving we can participate through the Conference and denomination’s mission and ministry efforts. According to the Wisconsin Conference, our impact as 12.5 million United Methodists, in 136 countries, is phenomenal. Together we witness to the love of Jesus Christ to a hurting world and transform lives and communities in his name. According to current economic research, 82% of people in American culture report feeling anxious about money. Money is a big day-to-day issue in all our lives-regardless of how much money we have. But the good news for us is that God knows what we need, and God takes care of us and gives us what we need. Based on God’s generosity, we are called to be generous by seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness. The more we focus on God’s purpose and help, the more we are free from desires for possessions and worries about our finances. I’m so thankful to you all who are always seeking new ways to support our churches and help our community using your gifts and talents. May God bless you, your families, and our churches this year as well.

Pastor Chris